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8 Seconds of Lucidity

What is the point of being here? Why am I on this college campus? What are all these people walking around me doing? Thinking? Going through? Do any of them wonder, as I do, whether or not there’s a point? Do any of them wonder, as I do, whether we are wasting our time?

Most of us know we’re getting screwed by the system yet we continue as if we weren’t, going through the motions, paying our dues and our bills, being productive members of society, never crossing that line from obedience to disobedience, all the while still being bent over the table. It wears on you, knowing your getting railed and still putting up with it. We inherited this position. We were born into it. A bunch of assholes who feel entitled to power argue amongst themselves in the Capital, fighting for position over their peers, constantly groveling at the feet of whoever can help them the most at that time. Usually, that helpful person is rich. They wave that good-smelling doe in front of politicians’ noses and say “roll over and I’ll let you have a treat!” I mean, do they even know that we know? Do they even care that people are figuring this stuff out? It seems like many of the people I talk to my age are in agreement: most of the stuff we do is pointless, we are powerless individuals just getting screwed over and over in all sorts of ways, the best we’ve got are drugs and booze because at least they show us a good time first. Continue reading 8 Seconds of Lucidity