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Forever Boys

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?

What does it mean to be a man?

What is our right of passage?

There isn’t a simple answer is there?


We grow up untested.

We grow up unrested.

We grow up uninvested.

We grow up playing video games and sports,

Because it’s as close as we can get to being like┬áthose heroes on TV or in history books.


Our dads gave us pocket knives,

But what do we use them for in these concrete jungles?

In these concrete jungles,

Where everything sharp gets dulled.


Don’t you dare climb a wall,

Unless your paying for it in a gym.

Don’t you dare go camping,

Unless you have a permit.

Don’t you dare build a fire,

Because you are dangerous and will burn the world around you.


Men today are nothing but zoo animals.

Eating formulated food that keeps us fat.

Taking pills that make us docile.

Playing with dumbed down toys.

Getting trained to be submissive.

Being tracked in case we cause trouble.


What is a man?

Is he a billionaire?

Is he an actor?

Is he a body builder?

Is he a career man?

Is he an intellectual?

What is our purpose?

How will us boys become men in a world where men grow old as boys?