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Just Water

12:44 AM.

Late night or early morning? If I were to tell someone what part of the day it was technically, I would call it very early morning. For that is what it is, it is past midnight and is therefore the next morning. But it does not feel like a morning. Only in another four to five hours will it finally feel like morning. If it were ten PM, it would technically still be the day. The day of yesterday. But it would be night, the sun had set. It would feel as if the day was over and night had begun, but there would still be two more hours of the day left. Right now it is tomorrow. But I have not gone to sleep yet, so I feel like it is still part of yesterday. So here I am, transitioning into tomorrow while it is still today.


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There are no days. There is only a sky that goes from light to dark. But before it gets to dark it must get dimmer, and before it gets light it must get brighter. Sometimes the night is lighter than other nights, and sometimes the day is darker than other days. So what is day and night? There is no day and no night, there is only transition.

If change is constant then there is no reason to fear. We are all going to be different the next moment, and that moment will be realized in one of infinite ways. If anything is possible in the next moment, then why fear? A meteor could end my life right now…

Makes it all silly… Life in general. Continue reading Just Water